Can You Break a Law When Using Social Media?

Free access to global conversations is just a part of daily life now. However, just like the world offline, the usage of social media sites comes with regulations and rules. You can break the law online just with a simple tweet.

Therefore, for anyone using social media sites, it’s good to brush up on the law and make sure that you use your accounts accordingly.
Having said that, the law can sometimes be confusing and major points can be hidden paragraphs of confusing jargon. Therefore Cartwright King has created this very simple and useful guide to social media and the law.


How to Build Your Business Network with Linkedin

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online platform for professional networking. The site currently boasts over 300 million members, and is still growing.

Alongside aiming to grow your own professional profile, LinkedIn is also designed to assist the recruitment process. To help you utilise this tool, Cartwright King have designed this helpful visual guide on how you, and specifically solicitors, can gain business traction on LinkedIn.

This guide outlines the basics of LinkedIn and how to set up a professional profile, therefore it is recommended for anyone who is a LinkedIn beginner.

Leading with Solicitors

Social Media in the Workplace: Yay or Nay?

Social media is a part of our everyday lives. So, how would you feel if you weren’t able to access it at work?

Restricting social media usage at work can have extremely negative impacts on the workforce, or more importantly allowing staff to use social media can encourage new recruits to join over competitors. Many executives also believe that social media can help build and maintain a workplace culture, help with colleague relationships and allow managers to be more transparent.

To visualise the impact of social media at work, Whitefields Document Stage have created an insightful infographic on the affects social media has on the workplace.


The results may surprise you.

Print Versus Social Media (Infographic)

I was intrigued to discover this infographic!

Yes, social media impressions are cheaper but how different the impact is? A new survey from the Pew Research Center reports that only of 16% of U.S. adults use Twitter. That’s still not a lot!

Living in our Twitter and Google Plus worlds, we may be missing the point: For many people the REAL world of paper books and printed media still exists. Continue reading

The Boom of Social Media

Continuing the topic of social media madness (which we started with “The Periodic Table of Social Media Sites“): which social media sites do you know? If you ever come across the quiz like that, this social media timeline will guarantee you a win.

From biggest players (Facebook and Twitter) to international social media sites (like, this infographic perfectly visualizes all of them!

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