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Can You Break a Law When Using Social Media?

Free access to global conversations is just a part of daily life now. However, just like the world offline, the usage of social media sites comes with regulations and rules. You can break the law online just with a simple tweet.

Therefore, for anyone using social media sites, it’s good to brush up on the law and make sure that you use your accounts accordingly.
Having said that, the law can sometimes be confusing and major points can be hidden paragraphs of confusing jargon. Therefore Cartwright King has created this very simple and useful guide to social media and the law.


MyBlogGuest’s New Infographics Gallery: What Is It?

Users of MyBlogGuest, an article sharing platform to allow easier access between guest posters and blog owners, had a pretty great idea. They suggested to staff at the site that a new gallery be created that featured infographics, as they have become such a popular tool for bloggers in recent years.

Recognizing the potential in this suggestion, MBG owner Ann Smarty set about creating an alternate part of the site. Already, it has been gaining a great deal of interest, and people who are not traditional guest posters have been signing up to use this new feature.

What Is The Infographics Gallery?

When you have an account with MBG, you will be able to access a secondary part of the site dedicated to infographics. It has a large number of images posted by users, as well as by blog owners hoping to build decent links and possibly create some viral content. Continue reading

Grin And Share It: Sharing In The Digital Age

If you’re reading this article, you are most likely not only familiar with technology and online media but you are probably quite knowledgeable about it, and have various types of mobile and online technology intertwined throughout your daily life. This was far from the case about two decades ago, when you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who spent any significant amount of time on the internet (although it did exist at the time). Continue reading

Insiders’ Scoop about Web Domains

Web domains are big business in the internet. If you think about it, out of the hundreds of millions of web domains that exists out there, there are still some that are worth astronomical prices. That fact is indeed mind boggling isn’t it? But in reality, some of the outrageous prices of domains actually are valued correctly. It’s because they serve as an address for a website.

Continue reading