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The Boom of Social Media

Continuing the topic of social media madness (which we started with “The Periodic Table of Social Media Sites“): which social media sites do you know? If you ever come across the quiz like that, this social media timeline will guarantee you a win.

From biggest players (Facebook and Twitter) to international social media sites (like, this infographic perfectly visualizes all of them!

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When Is a Social Media Startup Out Of The Startup Phase?

Those who are looking to create a startup, or who have one already in progress, tend to have a lot of questions. Most are related to the process of launching itself, such as getting funding, marketing, analyzing data, targeting demographics, development based on demand, ect. All of which are very important parts of running a startup that will remain viable enough to become more.

But only those startups that are beginning to grow will ask the most basic question of all: when does a startup move out of the startup stage and become a company? Continue reading

Utilising Social Media to Attract More Customers

Whether you are a major fashion retailer or small independent restaurant utilising your presence on social media is absolutely vital. One of the most cost effective ways is to integrate your own businesses website with one of the big social networks, most choose to do as many as possible. Already over 1million websites have been integrated with Facebook alone, and if you’re not one of these then you’re seriously missing out on great opportunities.

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