Image Dimensions for Common Social Media Sites!


Twitter just changed their profile layout recently (no backgrounds???)… Shortly before that Facebook changed the way their Groups look like… Before that Google Plus launched a new design…

And don’t get me started on Facebook and Google Plus event pages that look differently too! And do you know there’s also Linkedin, Pinterest, Instangram, Youtube.. I don’t know how “normal” people are handling it but we, social media junkies, are definitely in trouble!

It can be frustrating to keep up with the ever-changing sizes of profile pictures and cover images on all the popular social media sites.

This infographic is here to help, featuring image dimensions for profile and cover images on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr. You can read more details about how these images are displayed and precautions users need to take when creating images for these sites here.

There are a couple of more image resizing cheatsheets we have come across:

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