Finding Your Way Around Google Plus More Easily

It’s about time you give some love to Google social media darling – Google+. All of us hated it when Google started to push us towards it, as if the Spartans were pushing their enemies off a cliff. That began a year ago, when Google chose to go only a few notches away from requiring us to visit their Facebook alternative. Hence, many people developed a personal resistance to it.

However, that shouldn’t be the case anymore. Only a few days ago, Google rolled out improvements to Google+ that goes more than just skin deep. It is a complete overhaul. It looks like Google is now doing it the right way and they’re giving us incentives rather than simply forcing people into something we really didn’t find enough value in. Google+ is set to attract more people not only because of its new dressed up interface, but also by the recent features that dawns it.

Google+ is obviously betting big on photos as it launches its ability to “auto awesome” images uploaded to it. Its mobile app came through with its refreshing updates as well. All in all, it has been a very active month for Google+ and the new wave of features is projected to increase its social networking share.

Now here’s an infographic ready to turn anyone who’s willing to make the jump an instant Google+ savvy user.

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