Google Plus and Google Authorship


Isn’t it amazing how quickly Google Authorship has taken off? Maybe it should be such a surprise. The issue of copyright in online content has been a big one for awhile, after all. Google Authorship offered a fantastic solution to a growing problem, allowing the creators to immediately verify their ownership upon publication.

This infographic looks at the process of developing the program step by step. It all started with the “Agentrank” patent back in 2007. It eventually led to the establishment of the their Authorship program, which has been slowly building up to something new every since.

But what makes this graphic by Ann Smarty truly interesting is not just looking at where it has been. It is seeing that build, month by month, broken down to see how all the different elements interact and lead into one another. That gives us a clue about where it might lead in the future.

Part of what it shows is how different services owned by Google have changed and ultimately impact the Authorship project. Like the most recent change of YouTube connecting comments to Google Plus accounts. Even that small form of content is being protected.

If you are interested in learning more about how Google Authorship has developed over time, be sure to check this graphic out.

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