Grin And Share It: Sharing In The Digital Age

If you’re reading this article, you are most likely not only familiar with technology and online media but you are probably quite knowledgeable about it, and have various types of mobile and online technology intertwined throughout your daily life. This was far from the case about two decades ago, when you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who spent any significant amount of time on the internet (although it did exist at the time).

The current reality is, however, that especially young Millennials today are spending huge amounts of time online and they are spending those moments doing very specific, transformative things that says a lot about our youth today. For instance, almost one third of consumers ages 18-24 want online public feedback when sharing content and media among their peers, and with 87.8 million blogs posted in the year 2012, 50% of the bloggers who posted them are between ages 18-24.

These are some staggering numbers to say the least. Even more telling are the statistics about media sharing on twitter and other smartphone apps like Instagram, Facebook, and especially Youtube. Check out this infographic below to find out more of these statistics and what that might say about the future of online media.

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