Insiders’ Scoop about Web Domains

Web domains are big business in the internet. If you think about it, out of the hundreds of millions of web domains that exists out there, there are still some that are worth astronomical prices. That fact is indeed mind boggling isn’t it? But in reality, some of the outrageous prices of domains actually are valued correctly. It’s because they serve as an address for a website.

A website could represent a personality, an interest or a business organization that is worth billions. Imagine if you’re to buy the domain of an already established and well visited business website, essentially, you’re also buying the company itself. Take the sale of GoDaddy in 2011 as an example. Its domain was sold for $2.25 billion. That may sound ridiculous, but if you consider that GoDaddy is a company that earns a revenue north of $1 billion yearly, we can conclude that it was sold at a fair price. On this infographic are more insightful numbers about web domains.

Cory D. Tompkins is a WordPress and Social Media minion. Has over 20 years of experience in marketing. He held top postions in sales in previous companies. He is now is affiliate with Amway, and with the help of some MLM training sites, is now working full time on his home based business.

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