MyBlogGuest’s New Infographics Gallery: What Is It?

Users of MyBlogGuest, an article sharing platform to allow easier access between guest posters and blog owners, had a pretty great idea. They suggested to staff at the site that a new gallery be created that featured infographics, as they have become such a popular tool for bloggers in recent years.

Recognizing the potential in this suggestion, MBG owner Ann Smarty set about creating an alternate part of the site. Already, it has been gaining a great deal of interest, and people who are not traditional guest posters have been signing up to use this new feature.

What Is The Infographics Gallery?

When you have an account with MBG, you will be able to access a secondary part of the site dedicated to infographics. It has a large number of images posted by users, as well as by blog owners hoping to build decent links and possibly create some viral content.

It works the same way as the regular article gallery. You upload a graphic and provide a set of unique descriptions. Each description allows a different offer from bloggers who want to use it. Only one offer per description can be accepted to maximize SEO potential.

Once offers have been made, you will be alerted through both private message and email. Following a link will take you to the offer page, where you can see every bid. You can choose the one you think will most benefit your visibility.

As soon as you accept an offer, it will go into pending mode on that description as it awaits publication. When it goes live, you will get another email and PM stating that it has been posted on the website.

Infographics Gallery As A Tracker

Every time an infographic is posted on a website, your account will keep a record of it. You can follow the provided link at any time to see how it is doing, including comments, tweets and Facebook shares. This makes it easier to follow your own posts and make sure you are being given proper credit.

Whenever you want a backup record of these publications, you

If you are looking for an effective way to share an infographic, let MBG do it for you. Their new infographic gallery is simple to use but very powerful as a tool.

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