The Numbers Behind Facebook’s Success

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Facebook has become one of the most popular websites on the web today, with an average of every one of five page views leading to the site itself. According to statistics, women use Facebook more than men and are 2 times more likely to appear virtually “tagged” in an uploaded photo of themselves. Using Facebook today is not only possible with desktop access, but it can also be utilized with mobile phones and applications. Continue reading

Grin And Share It: Sharing In The Digital Age

If you’re reading this article, you are most likely not only familiar with technology and online media but you are probably quite knowledgeable about it, and have various types of mobile and online technology intertwined throughout your daily life. This was far from the case about two decades ago, when you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who spent any significant amount of time on the internet (although it did exist at the time). Continue reading

Finding Your Way Around Google Plus More Easily

It’s about time you give some love to Google social media darling – Google+. All of us hated it when Google started to push us towards it, as if the Spartans were pushing their enemies off a cliff. That began a year ago, when Google chose to go only a few notches away from requiring us to visit their Facebook alternative. Hence, many people developed a personal resistance to it. Continue reading

Insiders’ Scoop about Web Domains

Web domains are big business in the internet. If you think about it, out of the hundreds of millions of web domains that exists out there, there are still some that are worth astronomical prices. That fact is indeed mind boggling isn’t it? But in reality, some of the outrageous prices of domains actually are valued correctly. It’s because they serve as an address for a website.

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Facebook – The Wolf in The Disguise of a Sheep

From it’s launch in 2004 till now, no one can deny that Facebook has changed the landscape of social interaction in particularly among young people. It has spread like an epidemic all over the world engulfing almost every teen and employee that comes in it’s way. Constantly being connected to people does make one feel very good. There are, however, many drawbacks to this magnanimous social media giant.

If your employee has been watching videos of cats instead of finishing the report you gave them last Thursday or your teen has been spending more time stalking someone than something more productive, you are probably a target of Facebook’s unintentional negativity. Facebook can be of more damage than you think. For a look at what is really happening under the hood of the social networking like stalking, decreased productivity, sharing inappropriate information and many more, take a look at the stats.

Facebook infographic developed by mobistealth

Social Media Information Overload

Social media sites are responsible for us getting any news delivered to us as-it-happens. It makes us close to any part of the world. It makes us personal journalists: You have access to the details on any details, opinions and perspectives.

Yet, it also makes us deaf: There’s no way you can now pay proper attention to each piece news; There’s no way your friends’ important events and accomplishments now get the proper attention it deserves.

This infographic courtesy of Social Media Implications visualizes the information overload and productivity issues we have to deal with:

Reddit Etiquette

Reddit is well-known for its model and rules: they have managed to build the community that builds the site on auto-pilot. And reddiquette is of course to thank for that.

Reddit has very active community and daily awesome content; however you better not post there if you are easily offended. Once you start submitting content, you’ll be downvoted hundreds of time: you’ll have to learn to live with that.

However starting right us essential and learning the basic rules of conduct will certainly help!

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