The Most Annoying Users of Facebook

The Most Annoying Users of Facebook

With facebook’s 10th birthday approaching, the social networking site seems on the surface of it to be as popular as ever, however underlying gripes are starting to creep in amongst its users. Aside from the significant increase in adverts appearing in and around the news feed, there are also numerous reports of people being fed up with the way their so called friends use facebook.

In particular, people are miffed with the way some of their friends update their status constantly without actually providing anything of interest to their peers. In addition to this, people who only update their status with argumentative comments trying to provoke their friends into fighting back, plus couples that like to show off how much they are in love by plastering their romantic comments all over facebook and a whole range of other other user types are really starting to get up people’s noses.

In this infographic, the results of a study of newsletter subscribers are depicted, with the top ten most annoying facebook users being ranked in order.

This infographic was created by and is based on a recent study of subscribers to the Love My Vouchers newsletter.

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