The Search and Social Game

Ever thought of SEO as a game? With a light-hearted D&D flair, this SEO infographic imagines Search Engine Optimization to be a card game.  It seems to propose the concept that different search strategies produce different results, and that no matter what strategy you use, there are always pros and cons. From the prestigious white-hat to the infamous con-man, this infographic features 8 individual cards with a humorous spin with the intention of spreading a bit of comical relief among the SEO community.

While definitely not a total bird’s eye-view of each type of strategy, the infographic highlights some of the more common types of characters and puts emphasis that nothing will be truly perfect.  The infographic sheds to light the divide between genuine marketers and those who seek quick results with minimal effort.

Which card do you think represents you or your friends in the SEO circuit? Have you ever come across anyone who fits the general idea of one of the displayed cards?

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