The Social Video Starter Guide


Do you ever wonder what it takes a video on Youtube to hit a million views? Or how to use Vine for uploading short videos to market your company brand? A lot of thought, planning and analysis goes into creating a video that succeeds online.

For example, the Dollar Shave Club video on Youtube has over 15 million views. How did it get there?

It turns out that a big factor in determining which videos succeed online is where they’re hosted. As the web continues to evolve, and there are more video channels, businesses will have to be creative in producing content to engage with audiences on the different platforms. Each video platform has its strengths, and the most successful content creators learn to exploit these strengths.

If you’re confused, that’s okay. Take look at this infographic which breaks down five of the biggest social video channels in the market today.

The infographic is created by

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