Twitter and Its Growth

Twitter is still one of the fastest-growing social media outlets available today, with more than 1.5 Twitter accounts being registered on the site each second! More than 135,000 users are registered daily on Twitter, with a total of 9,100 tweets being sent out from individuals all around the world each second. Twitter boasts more than 58 million tweets being sent out online each day, along with 24,000 searches entered per second when users are on the site. In total, users search more than 2.1 billion queries on Twitter alone every day.

Why is Twitter So Popular?

Twitter has become increasingly popular over the past few years as it provides its users a platform to share opinions, links and thoughts on any subject they choose within seconds. Although Twitter has a 160 character limit, this has become more appealing for users as it allows them to find information quickly and without reading through multiple paragraphs to find what they are searching for online.

Popular Twitter Users

Most of today’s popular Twitter users are celebrities or individuals involved in any part of the entertainment industry. Currently, Justin Bieber holds the title of the user with the most Twitter followers, with more than 44.4 million followers and 23,400 tweets altogether. Following Justin Bieber is Katy Perry, with 42.6 million Twitter followers and just 4,900 tweets. Lady Gaga falls into third place on the Twitter popularity scale with 40 million followers and just over 3,100 tweets to her account.

Using Twitter Effectively

Although Twitter is a social network that gives its users the ability to share personal thoughts and opinions, it has also become an ideal platform for everyone ranging from artists and musicians to business owners and individuals working in marketing. Using Twitter is a way to expand your reach regardless of the brand, website, product or service you are trying to promote. Using “hashtags” with the “#” sign before a word or phrase is another way to begin trends and to share your brand or business with other users online. Putting Twitter to use effectively can drastically improve your brand’s credibility and reputation in any industry you work in.

Source: Masters in Finance

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