Utilising Social Media to Attract More Customers

Whether you are a major fashion retailer or small independent restaurant utilising your presence on social media is absolutely vital. One of the most cost effective ways is to integrate your own businesses website with one of the big social networks, most choose to do as many as possible. Already over 1million websites have been integrated with Facebook alone, and if you’re not one of these then you’re seriously missing out on great opportunities.

As well as promoting your goods on the specific social media network; to millions of potential consumers, you have the opportunity bring to people’s attention your own website and therefore get more potential links to visit your website and therefore, hopefully, get more sales.

With so many customers and potential customers on websites such as Facebook, it is therefore important to be seen having a presence and if you don’t then you could miss out on the 293,000 status updates every minute, any of which could be promoting or talking about your business! If you do have presence then that works out to nearly 422,000,000 updates a day which could be about you! That could be a lot of promotion with very little work on your behalf.

Check out the infograph for more information – Twistforum – http://www.twistforum.com/topic/6839-2013-social-media-facts-infographic/

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