Why is social media marketing so important?


New research has uncovered that nearly half of all online consumers check a brands social media before making a purchase – especially on websites they haven’t heard of or used before.

The research, carried out by social media agency Fabric Digital, found that 48% of those asked seek out a businesses Twitter and Facebook profiles to see how popular they are, and how they engage with fans.

The four most potent things that consumers are checking are the popularity of the brand, how it interacts with customer complaints or questions, where they actually have social accounts, how often they update content and how many followers and fans the website has.

Some of the big trust factors that potential customers look at include the number of followers a brand has on social, but also the ratio of fans to follows (more followers than they themselves are following).

Using graphics and multimedia posts were also a popular factor. See the full results in the infographic:

Infographic by Fabric Digital.

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